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Who we are

Our history

Our brand was born in 1980 from the union of three brothers residing in a small town in the province of Vibo Valentia province of (VV). The idea of and the ambition to enter an international trade market arriving to import and export many products , So they started with a small shop in the village until they expanded and managed to reach 5 businesses as well as owning a storage platform for the goods. Today we deal with specialized trade in dried fruit and legumes, spices, cereals, etc. In addition to marketing products for agriculture in general . Our goal is to expand even more and be able to digitize our company and be able to conquer another slice of the market. 

Delivering Freshness Every Day at a Time

Home delivery with external couriers 

Possibility to collect the goods in one of our stores Upon order 


To guarantee intact delivery, we do everything to pack the products in the best possible way, always respecting the environment by reusing  Waste materials that can avoid additional costs and damage to the environment

Product quality 

We offer high quality products thanks to the careful selection of raw materials 

Stand di frutta secca

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